Discover la maison dinh van

dinh van, designer jewelry for everyday wear.

Iconoclast in its inspiration, essential in shapes, dinh van Maison has carved out its own niche in the codified world of jewelry.

A parisian Jeweler

The 1960s brought about radical changes in French society, expressed through the rise of ready-to-wear fashion. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin thrived in this new turn. The creative effervescence around him pushed Jean Dinh Van to leave Cartier, where he had worked for ten years, and start his own brand. In 1965, dinh van opens its doors and brings its touch to modern luxury: designer jewelry for everyday wear.

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Minimalist design

Less is More.

– Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

In 1965, dinh van is the first brand to use minimalism in jewelry design, thereby making its mark as a design-inspired jeweler as opposed to its peers from la Place Vendôme, who draw their collections from the fauna and flora.

Always remaining true to its origins, dinh van jewelry combines design and form purity. Over 50 years after its launch, dinh van jewelry remains timeless and modern.

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Breaking barriers

dinh van was born out of the desire to break the unspoken codes of jewelry design, by creating pieces that can be worn for any occasion.

As a nonconformist brand, dinh van is always swimming against the current, inspired by the small details of everyday life.

Instead of the traditional circular shape of rings, dinh van launched square designs!

Where clasps are usually hidden, dinh van transforms them into centerpieces, as seen in the Menottes and Serrure collections.

Unremarkable daily objects are dinh van's inspirations, turning a simple keyring into the central motif of the iconic Menottes collection.

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For the independent woman

dinh van started out in the 1960s, at the peak of the national movement for women's emancipation.

Inspired by this movement, dinh van addressed its collections to the modern, independent woman, full of self-confidence and unconcerned by frivolous trends. The dinh van woman wants a discreet touch of luxury in her everyday wear as she wears it for herself, not for those who are watching.

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Icons in series

Success can be a stoke of luck. When it is repeated, luck no plays a part. Detailed review of dinh van collections that have become cult.

Menottes dinh van

Design is everything! Everything! Good design doesn’t date.

– Paul Rand, American graphic designer

Created in 1976, the Menottes collection turned the world of French jewelry on its head. While traditional jewelers strive to make the clasp as discreet as possible, dinh van uses it as the centerpiece of every collection.

This collection's clasps proved particularly difficult to open once worn, thereby inspiring its name after the French word for hand cuffs.


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

– Albert Einstein

Turning to diverted objects, dinh van brought a surprising twist to the springed key ring by designing a new jewelry line inspired by this simple mechanism. The subtle blend of round shapes and straight lines is not only the standout feature of this collection, but also of the brand's general aesthetic.

Le Cube Diamant

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Léonard de Vinci

Created in the early 1970,s, Le Cube Diamant plays on volume, contrast between fullness and emptiness, round and square shapes.

Le Cube Diamant collection stands out with geometric contrast, bringing together the circular symbol of spirituality and sky, with the stability of the square of the Earth.


Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

– John Maeda

The Serrure collection consists of a simple bangle that wraps around the wrist like an elegant gold thread, flexible enough to open yet strong enough to keep its original shape.

As an homage to simplicity, this jewel's slightly flattened clasp and the elegant sobriety of its diamond make it a stunning, original piece.